A smiling wedding couple standing in a gazebo at sunset. It is raining lightly.
A DJ using a turntable and a fader simultaneously. The lighting is pink and purple.
A smiling wedding couple looking intensely at each other.
A toddler running towards the camera with bubbles in the background.
A group of four smiling people sitting on the Brooklyn Bridge.
A family portrait. The four family members are wearing red and sitting on a rock in front of a river.

I love helping others tell their stories.

Here are some of my favorite stories:

A Hawaiian landscape


Airlifted from a Dangerous Hawaiian Hiking Trail

A blue model train moving in front of a model of the TWA hotel at JFK.


NYBG Holiday Train Show 2023

A person walking away from the camera in a tunnel of rainbow light.


Astoria, NYC, December 17, 2022

Light Mode/Dark Mode

Hudson Yards, NYC

Interactive Megazoom

Pier 17, NYC at Night

The Milky Way galaxy and Mars sit behind a person sitting on a rock in silhouette.


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