Zach looking into the camera lens, smiling, with the sun shining on him from behind.

Zach Fox (he/they/🏳️‍🌈) is a photographer living in Brooklyn, New York with roots in Frederick MD, San Francisco, and Boston.

Zach has been wrangling photons onto film and digital camera sensors for over 25 years, starting with a Nickelodeon PhotoBlaster in the late 90s.

He specializes in capturing authentic moments using natural light. His unique editing style produces warm, crisp images fit for screen and large-format print.

Zach believes that inviting vulnerability into photo sessions produces the best results. His favorite assignments involve photographing people who are doing things that make them feel personally fulfilled, nourished, and happy, such as:

  • Going for a walk with loved ones
  • Engaging with their favorite hobbies
  • Exploring a new place

Photography Gear

Zach's favorite current photography gear includes:

Software Development

Zach is also a software developer who most enjoys front-end architecture and design. He has been creating extensions of himself using Web technologies for over 15 years. Zach built this custom website from scratch using:

Zach is a Product Engineering Manager at Croquet , helping people build and understand the foundational components of metaverse technologies.

The Zach Fox Photography homepage contains an embedded Metaverse world built with Croquet Web Showcase technology.

Photography Philosophy Mini-Documentary

Liv is Zach's wife, part-time assistant, and full-time supporter. While in Iceland in November 2021, she captured several hours of video, interviewed Zach with meaningful questions, and then produced this seven-minute video:

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