A group of people standing in front of Philip Rosedale.

Virtual Reality Gallery

SXSW 2023 in VR

A photographer taking a picture of many people dressed in bridal dresses.

Virtual Reality Gallery

Explore NYC in VR

The Manhattan skyline at 1pm. The sky is clear blue.

Gigapixel Panorama

Manhattan Skyline, NYC

The Manhattan skyline at midnight.

Gigapixel Panorama

Manhattan Skyline, NYC at Midnight

A Hawaiian landscape


Airlifted from a Dangerous Hawaiian Hiking Trail

A smiling person standing at a table of baked goods.


Crystal's Confections, Astoria, NYC

A blue model train moving in front of a model of the TWA hotel at JFK.


NYBG Holiday Train Show 2023

A person walking away from the camera in a tunnel of rainbow light.


Astoria, NYC, December 17, 2022

Light Mode/Dark Mode

Hudson Yards, NYC

A reflection of rain in the Apple logo on a laptop

Interactive Aperture

Apple Logo Raindrops

Interactive Megazoom

Upper Bay, NYC

Interactive Megazoom

Pier 17, NYC at Night

Interactive Megazoom

Christmas Tree, Brooklyn Commons

NYC at 50mm

Interactive Megazoom

Brooklyn Bridge

NYC at 100mm

Interactive Megazoom


Interactive Focus Stack

Graphics Card Components

Rodriguez Jr. looking into the crowd as he tweaks a knob on a DJ mixer.


Folsom Foundry SF w/ Rodriguez Jr.

A hot air balloon flying beneath a sunrise.


Italy, October 2022

Four smiling people sitting on a bridge.


Brooklyn Bridge