NYC at 16mm
NYC at 20mm
NYC at 24mm
NYC at 28mm
NYC at 35mm
NYC at 50mm
NYC at 70mm
NYC at 100mm
NYC at 135mm
NYC at 150mm
NYC at 180mm
NYC at 200mm
NYC at 250mm
NYC at 300mm
NYC at 400mm
NYC at 500mm
NYC at 600mm
NYC at 1200mm
NYC at 2400mm
NYC at 4800mm

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A Hawaiian landscape

Photo Essay

Airlifted from a Dangerous Hawaiian Hiking Trail

Light Mode, Dark Mode

Hudson Yards, NYC

Rodriguez Jr. looking into the crowd as he tweaks a knob on a DJ mixer.


Folsom Foundry SF w/ Rodriguez Jr.

NYC at 50mm

Interactive Megazoom

Brooklyn Bridge

A smiling wedding couple standing in a gazebo at sunset. It is raining lightly.



The Milky Way galaxy and Mars sit behind a person sitting on a rock in silhouette.


Travel & Adventure

A blood moon over the Manhattan skyline.

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