These high-resolution background images look beautiful on a mobile or desktop display.

The Milky Way galaxy and Mars sit behind a person sitting on a rock in silhouette.
A sunrise over the jungle in Tambopata, Peru.
The towering skyscrapers of Taipei at blue hour from high on Elephant Hill.
Looking up at the top of One World Trade Center from its base while a plane flies overhead.
Waves slam against the coast of Maui as photographed from a helicopter.
The New York City skyline as photographed from Gowanus, Brooklyn.
Crispy breaded fish and waffle fries.
An icy waterfall.
A waterfall in front of a small mountain.
Four hot air balloons against the blue sky.
Several SCUBA divers entering the water wearing equipment.
Machu Picchu from afar.
A wide shot of a person snowboarding down a large slope, with mountains in the background.
A cake with orange icing and colorful, spherical sprinkles.
Light streams through the clouds into a valley below. Powerlines dot the landscape.
A person on a rock observing the sunset in Shenendoah Valley.
A man climbing a steep set of rocks in the fog.
A long exposure of a waterfall streaming into an aquamarine pool.
Seagulls fly over the ocean during a foggy day.
A Peregrine falcon stretches while standing on a branch.
Two people enjoying a drink facing the bright blue ocean.
A bird flaring its wings while standing on a stick in the marshy water.
A Porsche driving on a road with light streaks visible at night.
Sunrise off the coast of Hawaii.
A colorful door sits on a green and blue building.
The sun rises over a massive valley in the winter.
Cherry blossoms in full bloom against a solid blue sky.
Two Nintendo Switch controllers in see-through Atomic Purple.
A full moon sitting at the end of a large construction crane.
Lightning strikes behind Half Dome while climbers rest on the rock.
Two people fishing in a boat near several dozen skinny trees.
A wide shot of Sutro Tower at sunset with hundreds of buildings in the foreground.
The sun sets in the background as a person bikes away from the camera.
Several people are sitting around a fire pit at night.
A plane takes off over the San Francisco Bay at sunset.
A bubble of water sits in an orange pool of oil.
A cat hides in a bush. He is happy.
Light trails from a cyclist's tail-light extend into the distance.
A macro photograph of red, green, blue, and white subpixels from a television.
A fast exposure of a brilliant green hummingbird hovering in place.
A blustery, snowy shot of Boston from above.
The sun sets off the coast of California, with plants visible in the foreground.
Several Android figurines. One is wearing a necklace that says "RAGE".
Multicolored glow sticks on the ground.
A close-up macro shot of multicolored sugary sprinkles.
One World Trade Center from below. The building looks like a pyramid from this angle.