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Feburary 13, 2024

It snowed last night! Eager to capture the snow day, I took the train from Astoria to Times Square, then walked north to Central Park. The snow continued into the early afternoon before it turned into sleet.

Photo 21

I stopped to take pictures of the snowy heart on the tree, when someone asked me "Do you like it?" "Yes," I replied, noting that she clearly spent a lot of time sculpting it.

Her name was Nadia. She's from Russia, and she loves the snow.

Photos 24-26

This is Federica | fedecobe. I saw someone take a photo of her with her phone, and she clearly knew how to pose! So I asked if she wanted me to take a few shots with my camera, and she excitedly said yes. It was super fun to capture her energy and outfit in the middle of the trees.

Photo 29

These adorable dogs were being walked by Mancha & Lola | mancha_and_lola. As I was taking this photo, another tiny dog sat right underneath me and sniffed my legs 😂. I could not stop laughing. They're wearing booties!!

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A blood moon over the Manhattan skyline.

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