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July 8 - July 11, 2023

Liv and I flew to London for a short break to mindfully reconnect, starting with a delightful West End performance of Frozen: The Musical . We also celebrated Meg's birthday with dinner at Pollen Street Social , which was a delicious performance.

Between those two endcaps, Liv and I:

  • Walked almost 20,000 steps one day, without any particular destination in mind
  • Ate fish and chips
  • Met several dogs
  • Witnessed one person berating another person for having their dogs off-lead ("Next time I see them off a lead, I'm going to call the police!")
  • Watched a group of roller skaters dance
  • Met up with some old friends
  • Visited the London Business School grounds, where Liv studied two weeks prior
  • Visited the Tate Modern
  • Saw a peacock in a park (without Liv)

Despite the uncomfortable hotel bed, Liv and I had a lovely time in England. I hope you find joy and excitement in my photos of our journey. 🥰

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