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About This Project

You are looking at the Manhattan skyline as viewed from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York City.

Unlike with the daytime version of this panorama , I didn't use Photoshop to fill in the sky with its AI tools - instead, I just filled in the empty parts of the panorama with a dark color. The effect isn't as satisfying as the realistic sky, but it takes significantly less time to create.

The EXIF data associated with the panorama is below:

EXIF TagValue
Camera BodyCanon EOS R5
LensSigma EF150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM C
Focal Length (Each)600mm
Aperture (Each)f/6.3
Shutter Speed (Each)1s
ISO (Each)100
# Images in Panorama145
Capture Time (1st Photo)2023-04-03 00:23:31 EDT
Capture Time (249th Photo)2023-04-03 00:38:37 EDT
Full Resolution91399 by 30988px = 2.83 Gigapixels

To create this image, I used the following tools:

  • PTGui Pro 12.21 for stitching the panorama
  • Photoshop to fill the transparent gaps in the sky in the final panorama (I don't know how to get PTGui to properly stitch images without control points)
  • ImageMagick to convert the .psb file from Photoshop into a PNG file (Photoshop can't export PNG files larger than 2GB; the one ImageMagick created was 3.91GB)
  • libvips to create the image pyramid from the full-resolution panorama
  • OpenSeadragon to create the above image viewer

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