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About This Project

You are looking at the Manhattan skyline as viewed from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York City. Tap here for the night version of this gigapixel panorama.

This is the highest resolution panorama I've ever created. Its full resolution is 93,210 pixels wide by 31,774 pixels high. This yields a total pixel count of 2,961,654,540 pixels, or 2.96 gigapixels.

The EXIF data associated with the panorama is below:

EXIF TagValue
Camera BodyCanon EOS R5
LensSigma EF150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM C
Focal Length (Each)600mm
Aperture (Each)f/9
Shutter Speed (Each)1/320s
ISO (Each)100
# Images in Panorama249
Capture Time (1st Photo)2023-04-02 13:02:49 EDT
Capture Time (249th Photo)2023-04-02 13:15:00 EDT
Full Resolution93210 by 31774px = 2.96 Gigapixels

To create this image, I used the following tools:

  • PTGui Pro 12.21 for stitching the panorama
  • Photoshop to content-aware fill the transparent gaps in the sky in the final panorama (I don't know how to get PTGui to properly stitch images without control points)
  • ImageMagick to convert the .psb file from Photoshop into a PNG file (Photoshop can't export PNG files larger than 2GB; the one ImageMagick created was 3.91GB)
  • libvips to create the image pyramid from the full-resolution panorama
  • OpenSeadragon to create the above image viewer

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